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Mortgage Process...Hard or Not?


Is the mortgage process really as hard as everyone says?  Well ask 10 different buyers and you will get 10 different answers.  Here is just some insight and as always I am happy to help answer any questions about the process!

researchTD Bank recently announced the results of their inaugural Mortgage Service Index. The index was designed to identify best practices and trouble areas in home financing and act as a service indicator for lending institutions. Below are some of the key findings of the survey.

Positive Experiences

The index identified the percentage of respondents who had a positive (excellent or very good) experience in certain parts of the home buying experience:

  • 64% had a positive experience during the home buying experience
  • 55% finding a good Realtor
  • 55% with the home appraisal/inspection process
  • 53% finding the right lender
  • 53% with the length of the entire home buying process

What Creates an Overall Positive Experience?

Certain key aspects of the relationship with the lender were important to those who said they had a very positive overall home buying experience. They rated their lender as excellent or very good in the following categories:

  • Responsive 74%
  • Accessible 76%
  • Honest and transparent 76%
  • Instilled confidence throughout the process 73%
  • Helped buyers understand the process 73%
  • Kept buyer informed during process 73%
  • Explained the mortgage and available options 72%

Other Key Findings:

1. On average, home buyers considered approximately two banks or lenders when applying for a mortgage

2. An equal number of those surveyed (43%) obtained information on the lending process from their bank and from their Realtor, demonstrating that Realtors are used as informative resources by consumers during the mortgage process

3. Only 34% of home buyers obtained a mortgage at their primary bank

Michael Copley, Executive Vice President, Retail Lending at TD Bank concluded:

As the housing market continues to rebound, the growing number of buyers should be aware of what to look for in a mortgage partner and seek out a lender who will best guide them through the home financing process in order to create a positive home buying experience.

Your Deserve A High Energy Agent!


Many clients do not really realize how much a good agent puts into personal development. Being a Realtor requires you to be in a constant state of growth and learning - my office is currently working on The Peak Producers Training by Brian Buffini. Today's we learned a lot about attitude. Peak Producers have a Philosophy, Good Attitude and High Energy!

One of the important things that Brian expressed today was that you have to do the important things when your energy is the highest. For some people that is morning others it is evenings. For some it requires a nap others it requires exercising and eating right the important thing is that we do whatever it is to keep our energy levels up!

As a buyer you need to think about this when viewing homes - If work is stressful maybe looking at homes right after work is not the best idea. Your head needs to be clear and you need to be able to focus so you can imagine yourself in the home, where you would put furniture - where will the kids play - do I like to cook in this kitchen and so on. A lot of buyers go looking at homes without focus or a game plan. This is most likely the biggest purchase you will ever make - it deserves your complete attention!

This is also important for Sellers to remember when interviewing agents for the job of Marketing and selling their home. You are about to sell your biggest asset don't you want a clear mind to focus on asking the agent the right questions so you hire the one that can get the job done? Interesting thought isn't it - do you really want to interview an agent after working a 10 hour day?

As your agent I know how important it is to be "In The Moment and Full of Energy" for my clients - my years of experience have helped me put processes in place to make sure that my business runs smoothly so I can focus on what counts - Have High Energy for my clients. It is important for me to take care of myself so I can take care of my business. It is important for me to work hard on bettering myself so I can be better for my clients! I am excited to help my clients buy and sell a home - I want them to be excited too.

Top 10 Remodeling Projects!


By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR(R) Magazine

Home owners are investing in their homes once again, according to recent industry surveys that point to a strong rebound taking hold in home remodeling. Home owners also may be seeing higher gains from some of these remodeling projects at resale, according to the most recent Cost vs. Value Report, which reviews the top remodeling projects that offer the highest returns at resale. The Cost vs. Value Report is conducted each year by Remodeling Magazine, in conjunction with REALTOR(R) Magazine.

So, which remodeling projects offer the potential for some of the biggest pay-backs at resale? The following mid-range remodeling jobs offer the highest returns, according to the 2013 Cost vs. Value Report.

1. Entry door replacement (steel)

Estimated job cost: $1,137

Return on investment at resale: 85.6%

2. Deck addition (wood)

Job cost: $9,327

ROI: 77.3%

3. Garage door replacement

Job cost: $1,496

ROI: 75.7%

4. Minor kitchen remodel

Job cost: $18,527

ROI: 75.4%

5. Window replacement (wood)

Job cost: $10,708

ROI: 73.3%

6. Attic bedroom

Job cost: $47,919

ROI: 72.9%

7. Siding replacement (vinyl)

Job cost: $11,192

ROI: 72.9%

8. Window replacement (vinyl)

Job cost: $9,770

ROI: 71.2%

9. Basement remodel

Job cost: $61,303

ROI: 70.3%

10. Major kitchen remodel

Job cost: $53,931

ROI: 68.9%

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